We work with each of our clients to develop a plan for their needs. We scale the change and invest in resources appropriately to ensure success.



After a plan is developed, DEVELEFY will facilitate necessary session, so all stakeholders learn about this new effort.



After we have developed a plan and learned all the new skills needed for this solution, we will place checkpoints to measure your success and plan your successful future as a business!

Learning & Development offerings

Bloomington Reviews

Adult Learning Theory

Adult learning theory explores how adults learn. It provides a framework to help instructors design learning and development programs that will meet the needs of professionals at each phase of their career path. This class will give you a foundation for adult learning theory and strategies on how to use it for success.

Training Games in Bloomington

Playing Games While Training!

Do you ever find your learners falling asleep during training? Well fret not! COFFEE is the answer! Not exactly, but you will see the correlation after having your cup of Caffeinated Learning! Playing games and designing rich, robust training for all of your needs, while having fun, is what you will experience in this session.

Marketing and Communications Successful Practices
Microsoft Training in Bloomington

Marketing and Communications with a TWIST!

Do you ever get tired of reading emails or think your employees feel the same way, then this might be the training for you! If you like music, videos, theater, or being creative, then you will love this experience. You will explore trends and successful practices for marketing and communications.

Bloomington Change Management
Warheads Sour Candies

A Taste of Change

What is Change Management? Whether learning how to perform a new task, coming out with a new product, or undergoing a major culture change, everyone tends to get a little uncomfortable, resistant, or downright negative. In this session you will be presented pearls of methodologies, strategies, and information that can be linked together to assist in this transition, and it all starts with candy! The “Warhead Challenge” will eave your taste buds thirsting for more! Remember those extremely SOUR candies we all loved as a kid? This one candy will have you applying Change Management to everything you do! With funny videos and activities, you will not want to miss out! Hold on to your seats and get ready for A Taste of Change!

Articulate 360 Bloomington
Bloomington Training Center Design

Instructor Led, Participant Centered: How to Keep Your Training Engaging

Have you ever been to mandated training that you thought would never end? As the trainer drones on, you find yourself thinking about dinner, daydreaming about the weekend, doodling in your notebook, thinking about anything other than what you’re supposed to be focusing on. A big part of the problem is boring lecture-based training. Spice it up with instructor-led, participant-centered training.