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Bloomington Reviews

Rusty Shields is a refreshingly fun and engaging facilitator. When delivering a program to our team on difficult conversations, conflict management, and emotional intelligence, it was will easy to digest and understand and packed with activated that connect to the content. From the setup of the room, unique way of getting the team involved in the dialogue, and closing in a way that ties it all together, made this a memorable experience. Our team left the training feeling motivated, inspired, engaged, and ready to learn more. We highly recommend Rusty and Develefy Consulting to our members. Our team has scheduled our staff retreat with Rusty and are looking forward to continuing to share in the learning experience.

Stacy Bruce
Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce

CLIENT FOR LIFE! Entertaining, funny, engaging, and relateable. Rusty delivers content that helps the participants be confident and consistent. Rusty does every one of these things consistently, and anyone would benefit from utilizing his services.

Dan Evans
Moose International, Inc.

Dynamic & Engaging! Rusty’s commitment to connecting with his audience is evident through thoughtful, interactive exercises and relevant, current material. His passion and expertise truly resonates with his audiences.

Michelle Baker
FORUM Credit Union

Rusty did such a great job. Very informative, related to all, and incredibly engaging!


Rusty is a great facilitator. Very knowledgable and engaging!

Mark Smith
Stericycle, Inc.

Rusty is one of my favorite facilitators in all of learning & development! He knows his subject, is engaging, inclusive, and passionate!

Kellee Sanford
Stericycle, Inc.

Develefy Leadership trainings are both engaging and interactive. The sessions are relatable to real-world work/life issues and situations. If you are seeking to become a better leader, coworker, or business person, Develefy leadership development training is for you.

Cynthia Hogan
Monster Digital Marketing