As a leader, it’s essential to foster growth and development within your team. That’s where the SBI Model of Feedback comes in – a powerful tool for constructive communication and improvement. 📈


🔍 S – Situation:

Start by describing the specific situation or context where the behavior or action occurred. Set the stage for clear understanding.


🗣 B – Behavior:

Next, pinpoint the exact behavior you want to address. Be specific, and avoid generalizations. What did you observe?


🎯 I – Impact:

This is the crux! Explain the impact of the behavior on you, the team, or the project. Highlight the consequences and emotions associated with it.


🌟 Using the SBI Model as a leader:

  1. Create a Safe Space: Encourage open dialogue and ensure your team feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and concerns.

  2. Be Timely: Give feedback in a timely manner to address issues while they’re relevant.

  3. Balance: Offer a mix of positive and constructive feedback. Acknowledge what’s working well and areas for improvement.

  4. Be Solution-Oriented: Collaborate on solutions and set clear expectations for future behavior.

  5. Follow Up: Keep the lines of communication open. Check in to see how the individual is progressing.


Remember, feedback is a two-way street. Constructive feedback helps individuals grow, and it’s an opportunity for you to strengthen your leadership skills.

Ready to empower your team and foster a culture of continuous improvement? Try the SBI Model of Feedback Framework today! 🚀👥💪